Master yourself 

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Master yourself and perform at your peak

Happy Waves gives you a tool kit so that you can performa at your peak.

Drawing on the power of meditations guided by gurus, long-form interviews with thought leaders and in-depth classes given by unrivalled experts, Happy Waves empowers you to master in turn your physical body, your emotions, the relationships you have with others, how you use your time, finding your mission in life and your finances.



Everyone can benefit from  meditation 


Make room for your emotions

The world clutters your mind.

From the moment you wake the production of thought begins – you scan the present, reflect on the past and hypothesise about the future. This process is helpful in navigating the complex modern world but it can distract you from deliberately and productively engaging with your emotions. Through meditation you can fully understand your emotions, what triggers them, what they mean and how they make you feel.

For thousands of years, people across diverse cultures have used meditation to move beyond stressful thoughts and emotions and be grounded in the peace and awareness of the present. Today, millions use mindfulness to sharpen their focus, sleep more restfully, reduce stress, perform better and be happier.

Happy Waves gives you control of your emotions.


Be present


Live right now

“Mindfulness does not react to what it sees. It simply sees, and understands without words” Buddhist Master

When you live right now, in the present moment, you are intensely absorbed but not deliberately thinking, you are aware of yourself and your surroundings but not reacting to them. Neither predicting the future nor dwelling on the past, you are totally immersed in the present.

All the time we see, hear, feel, taste and smell the world and this information flows from our bodies into our minds, creating thoughts and sparking feelings. Happy Waves connects you to your senses so that you can better observe how things are and then calmly deal with whatever life throws up. When you catch a Happy Wave you are more present and conscious whether you are just waking up, going about your day or finally drifting off to sleep.


Connect to your surroundings


Listen to the land

Close your eyes and listen. You're surrounded by sound. The booming swell crashing into Bells Beach, the rustle of wind through mountain snow gums, the muffled soundtrack to the thick Daintree rainforest or the delicate sounds of the desert around Uluru. Our unique Australia landscapes transform your state of being and sound plays a big part in that. 

By zeroing in on sound, your attention can be trained. Practice this and it becomes a tool that you can focus with precision. This auditory mindfulness will provide nourishment to your ears and your mind.


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