Be present, wherever you are



Meditations that are short and effective because small steps can make a big difference.

Whether you need focus in the office, performance in the surf or a moment of serenity, Today meditations have got you covered. Tailored for the situations you find yourself in on any given day, in only five minutes you can be focused, be energised, be present, be mindful and be happy.

Fit meditation into your day whenever and wherever you need it. Happy Waves Today – we got you.


Learning for life


Discover – Mind, Body and Nutrition

Happy Waves is your portal to lifelong learning.

Focussing in on three key areas – Mind, Body and Nutrition – we take you on a journey into knowledge and through inspiration. Each class focuses in on a core element to allow you to explore ideas and master the techniques you need to build a toolkit that enables you to deal with whatever life throws up.

Follow your curiosity and explore the spaces where ancient wisdom and modern science intersect to empower yourself to live and feel better.


Live better, feel better


Learn – Teachers and Interviews


Share in the experience of the best teachers and get immersed in their stories.

Unlock long-form interviews and lectures on the habits, thoughts and practices of leading thinkers. Inspiring stories that are curated for those curious.

By sitting at the feet of masters you can stand on the shoulders of giants.


We're here to help you



Get in sync with your body clock.

Rise is your alarm clock and mindful assistant, helping you to wake up the right way after restful sleep and then giving you gentle mindfulness reminders as you go about your day. Developing a mindfulness practice builds discipline but a little help in setting your life to a mindful rhythm never hurts.

Elevate your practice into a routine, one you'll carry with you as you surf the waves of life, however big the swells get.


Good tech


Use technology for good

Modern technology is often derided for having a detrimental impact on our attention spans and our overall happiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s possible to use technology well and let it into our lives on our terms in a productive and positive way. 

Happy Waves unlocks the capabilities of your phone, centring them in the present to help you foster the habits of a mindful, happy life.


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