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Meditation especially for kids

We want kids to be healthy and happy now, and for the rest of their lives.

Children who practice meditation are more focused, more creative, better communicators and have a superior memory. With content tailored for little tykes aged between three and 12, Happy Waves Kids uses a combination of mindfulness and storytelling to give children a gentle, effective introduction to meditation.

Happy Waves Kids engenders lifelong mindfulness practices, right from the very beginning. 


Resilient kids


Today Kids

A series of targeted, short meditations that are fun and effective.

Today Kids is modelled on our Happy Waves Today program and includes teaching children the value of kindness, how to recognise and deal with their emotions and techniques for staying focussed on a task.

Build happy, resilient and well-adjusted children.


Happy kids


Kids Discover

A child's brain is hungry for information and stimulation.

Introducing longer storytelling with a mindful bent that fires their imagination and teaches them life lessons in a fun, exciting and safe way. Kids Discover has a special emphasis on Sleep Stories that take the stress out bedtime for everyone.

Give your kids meditation and you give them a real head start.


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